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“In 2005 I ran on a platform to make the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office the most efficient component of the criminal justice system. As I campaign for re-election for a second term in office I feel confident that we are accomplishing that mission.” – Sheriff Vincent DeMarco


Public Safety/Quality of Life

- In Case of Emergency Medical ID Card Program; Sheriff DeMarco launched this program for Suffolk's Senior Citizens. Seniors provide important medical and personal information about themselves which is placed on an identification card to be used in the case of an emergency

-  Project Lifesaver; Seeing the need to protect those most vulnerable, Sheriff DeMarco launched the truly lifesaving Project Lifesaver Program. Project Lifesaver is a tracking system for children/adults who have the propensity to wander & get lost; such as those afflicted with Autism and Alzheimer's. Sheriff DeMarco is the Downstate Coordinator of the program. While the  average national search time is 9 hours, Project Lifesaver searches take 30 minutes.

- Operation Safe Child: Created through NYS Sheriff’s Association, NYS Association of Chiefs of Police, NYS Police, NYC Police Department to raise awareness about child safety . Parents/Guardians given card containing child’s biographical information, fingerprints and photo. This is an Important tool when used in conjunction with NYS Amber Alert system- allows information to be quickly electronically disseminated, statewide within minutes.

- SLAP; Sheriff DeMarco re-activated the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program to beautify our parks and neighborhoods. This program provides free inmate labor. Sheriff DeMarco worked with County Legislators, the Towns of Huntington, Babylon and Brookhaven, and the Village of Lindenhurst to bring SLAP to their communities.

- Boating While Intoxicated Enforcement Initiatives; Spearheaded boating safety and enforcement (BWI) programs on Suffolk's East End.. 

-  Sheriff DeMarco spearheaded a partnership with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency to take costly illegal aliens out of Suffolk's Jails and into Federal Custody.

- Iris Scan technology implemented by Sheriff DeMarco to combat the use of aliases in Suffolk County's Criminal Justice System.



- McGruff The Crime Dog: Sheriff DeMarco gave McGruff the Crime Dog Program a make over when taking office to bring the curriculum more up to date and relevant to today's kids. The program offers children in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade important safety lessons that focus on bullying and stranger danger.

- Sheriff’s Association Summer Camp: Sheriff DeMarco coordinates a free summer camp for economically disadvantaged youth 9-12 years old throughout Suffolk County.

- Computer Cop; Sheriff DeMarco provided free software  to Suffolk County residents that scans a computer for parents to automatically detects potentially offensive photo files and suspect words or phrases that match more than a 1,000 red-flagged words contained in the built-in dictionary . Parents can utilize the software to protect their children from opportunists who use the Internet to take advantage of youths and also to monitor their children’s online activities.

- Real Men Don’t Abuse; This important program is in joint partnership with VIBES in the school districts teaching students with the aim to prevent domestic violence.


Child Support Enforcement

- Sheriff DeMarco saw a need to bring Child Support enforcement to the forefront of his office's agenda. He constructed a website highlighting the top deadbeat parents in Suffolk County. Sheriff DeMarco strongly supports Class E felony legislation for deadbeat parents.


Gang Prevention

- G.R.E.A.T.: Sheriff DeMarco brings the G.R.E.A.T. program to Suffolk County Schools. This is a law enforcement officer instructed classroom curriculum . Prevention is its primary objective, the program is intended as an immunization against delinquency, youth violence and gang membership. This program is funded by a grant from the federal government.

- Annual Gang Seminar; Sheriff DeMarco created a law enforcement and community based Gang Seminar that is attended by hundreds each year. Nationally recognized speakers lecture on emerging topics in gang intelligence.



- Anti-Recidivism ---Stop The Repeat Offender. Vocational training is offered in areas such as carpentry, plumbing, baking and horticulture. The goal of this program is to make this population productive members of society by providing life skills and job placement to inmates fore they are released from jail.  

The Sheriff implemented a nationally recognized Council for Unity program in the jail. This program is so effective that HBO and the BBC have filmed the Council's progress. 

- Sheriff Vincent DeMarco was appointed by Governor David Patterson to the Juvenile Justice Task Force to help develop ways in which to deal with Suffolk County and New York State's at-risk youth.


General Management

- Kept overtime down; cutting it from its record levels.

- Delivered on his promise and slashed both the cost and size  of the new jail project.

- Practices fiscal restraint consistently coming in under his Office's allotted fiscal year budget.