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On November 8, 2005 Vincent F. DeMarco was elected to the position of Sheriff of Suffolk County. On January 1, 2006 Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco was sworn into office becoming the first uniformed member of the Sheriff’s Office to be elected Sheriff.  He is one of the youngest Sheriff’s ever elected in Suffolk County .

The Sheriff’s Office employs over 850 correction officers, 250 deputy sheriffs and 142 civilian personnel.

Sheriff DeMarco has made working with children and teens a priority of his Administration and believes that through education, young people will be less likely to become involved in unsafe situations and criminal activity.

Sheriff DeMarco launched an internet safety program to assist parents in monitoring their children’s online activities to protect them from online sexual predators.  A total of 43,000 complimentary copies of Computer Cop software were distributed to parents, schools and libraries. Computer Cop software was purchased using seized drug money.

The Sheriff’s educational programs are geared for children as young as 5 years old, as well as for high school students. The McGruff Safety Program is a 4 week program for grades K-2 designed to teach kids important anti-bullying and personal safety lessons. As children mature, and the stress of peer pressure intensifies, officers from the Sheriff’s Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program visit many of our local school districts to work directly with youth to show them ways to best cope with the challenges they face at school and on the street. Sheriff DeMarco has also made the Youth Enlightenment Seminar (YES) a priority of his Administration. Officers from the Sheriff’s Community Relations Office escort hundreds of kids through the Suffolk County Correctional Facilities each year to demonstrate first hand how youthful acts of crime and violence can lead to incarceration. The program is highly acclaimed for its preventative nature and has helped many wayward youths change the direction of their lives.

Sheriff DeMarco has made partnering with Federal, State and Local  law enforcement agencies a priority of his Administration. On a yearly basis he hosts a Gang Intelligence Seminar that is attended by hundreds of law enforcement personal from across the country.

The Sheriff is a member of the National Sheriff’s Association, New York State Sheriff’s Association, Chiefs of Police Association of Suffolk County and American Jail Association. In 2008 Sheriff DeMarco was appointed by Governor David Patterson to the Juvenile Justice Task Force.

Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco began his distinguished career as a Deputy Sheriff in 1994. In 2002, he was awarded a Letter of Commendation for achieving the highest arrest record.  Sheriff DeMarco is a lifelong resident of Suffolk County and resides in Huntington with his wife Jill and two young children.